An Angel came to visit

Some days I feel like my head is clouded and my to do list is so long that I get nothing productive done. Other days I have this weird level of clarity and focus, but can never quite place where it comes from. This is gonna sound really cheesy, but on the good days it genuinely feels like an angel is following me around, helping me decide what is the best use of my time. Everything flows effortlessly and coincidences keep falling on my lap. The day I met Samantha was one of those days.

I opened my emails in the morning. I'd received a request from a retailer asking if they could buy some booties for a new zero waste section of their store. They asked me to email over some high res photos. I realised I didn't yet have any professional photos of the navy Bambooties. So I had a little snoop on Insta, to see if I could find a local photographer. 2 minutes into my search I connected with Samantha. I checked her page and she was a photographer with her own studio and captured the most gorgeous images. Samantha also happened to be a mum with 1 year old twins, a girl and a boy @wrimmertwins.

I asked if I could send her some booties to try out. She was delighted to help. I popped a parcel in the post and a few weeks later received THIS photo! Sebastian and Sienna modelling our Denim Summer Booties. The very first official photo shoot for our navy Bambooties! I mean STOP IT! 🙈😍

There are more of these gems, but they're too good to share in one go so I'm gonna have to save them up. Just so so pleased.

I don't know what I was connecting with on that day, but I'm pretty sure it was an angel. THANK YOU! 🤗🙏


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