Charitable giving

I wanted to make Bambooties into a giving project. I searched for a charity which combined all my interests - babies, female empowerment and the environment. I settled on ActionAid, who empower women and girls with the information and resources they need to create the future they want. ActionAid help women to make more conscious choices about the course of their lives and how many children they want. 

ActionAid's work is also deeply connected to the protection of the environment. David Attenborough says that giving women power over their own bodies is vital if we want to solve one of the biggest environmental challenges: overpopulation. I also believe that women have a different way of thinking about the world and are naturally more nurturing. So, in my view, the more women we can empower to do what they want with their lives, the better chance we’ll have of preventing environmental collapse.

With the help of ActionAid, Bambooties is a One-for-One project. For every pair of Bambooties sold, we can provide a care package to a vulnerable mother and her baby, who have often had to leave home with nothing.


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