International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day I want to say thank you to our dear Mother Earth. She brings so much mystery to my life. What is Planet Earth? Why are we all here? Is there a reason for life? I will never understand the answer to these questions but I am grateful for all that she gives to us.

In whatever form we choose to believe in her, she is the great Cosmic Mother who gives birth to all of creation. Plants, wildlife, water, soil and all living beings on the planet. They are continually reborn with her nourishment and guidance. She is the source of all sustenance. Without her fertility and regenerative capacities we would not be eating, breathing or experiencing this extraordinary world we live in.

Each day things manifest in front of my eyes as if by magic and, from the way I see it, she seems to be the portal. It’s as if her energy is within me, guiding my life. When I sit in silence and feel into that energy force, I feel connected to something vast, something much bigger than myself. An unseen energy that cannot be explained. I describe it as Mother Earth. She is the bridge between the intangible and the tangible. She brings the inner energy out into the human experience.

On International Women’s Day I want to honour the Divine Earth Mother within each of us. I respect and give good intentions to every new parent who takes on the immense responsibility of bringing a new life into this world. I know how hard we all work to create the future we want for our children. And right now, this job seems harder than ever. It feels like our Mother is calling us to transform ourselves, to reconnect with nature, to work on something that gives us purpose, to come back into alignment with our true being. It’s exhausting! But feels right.

In the end, we are all children of Mother Earth, born from the same elements, created from specks of stardust. Our bodies have evolved from the Earth we live on, while our Spirit (that inner energy) seems to come from another dimension. And through both, we are all connected. I feel genuinely awestruck by this every day. Not a clue what’s going on!

I find myself questioning everything. When we see the Divine interconnectivity in all of life, when we feel we are one with it, will this help us rest into a more harmonious way of embracing the human experience? Will this enable us to live and act from a place that continually respects and replenishes all that our Mother gives to us? I have no idea. But I hope so! And in the meantime, I'm just immensely grateful.

Happy International Women's Day!

Artwork by Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari


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