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For those who are new to the party, Hi I'm Lucy! This is a pic of me with three of my all time fave human beings. Nephew Toby, Orson (sporting his Bambooties!) and Layla. Dream team.

I used to be one of those corporate career women. I fell into the finance industry, rose up the ranks and found myself in a position of responsibility. I should have felt successful, but I didn't. I felt hollow. So I left and set up a marketplace to encourage online shoppers to move away from Amazon and buy directly from small independents instead. That failed. Competing with Jeff Bezos is hard!

Then our daughter Layla arrived and she completely changed my perspective on life. I had no idea how awe-inspiring becoming a mother could be! She made me realise how much I wanted to stand up for future generations. 

I felt impelled to create something new, something that could help raise awareness around the importance of caring for both people and planet. Something that could help us imagine a more sustainable future, for the benefit of Layla's generation and the next.

My favourite thing about Layla was her tiny toes. She arrived in December, so I needed to keep her feet warm and covered. I tried multiple styles of baby shoes, but couldn't get any to stay on. Her feet were so wriggly and she quickly learnt to pull them off. 

On asking other mothers, I realised this was a widespread problem. So I decided to create a solution - a sustainable solution. And the idea for Bambooties was born. I went on a long journey through baby feet measurements, podiatry, product design, seamstresses, ethical manufacturers, checking supply chains, sampling, testing, sustainable fabric and zero waste packaging. We finally got the design just right and stretched our sustainability credentials to their limit. We tested the final samples; they were kind around baby ankles and they didn't fall off!

So here we have it - wriggle-proof baby booties that keep tiny toes covered and socks firmly on. People and planet friendly; ethically made and created from waste.

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