Out of quarantine

Nursery is back open! I feel like running round the block naked! WOOOO

In January we had two 10 day quarantines after another, with one day of nursery in between 😭🤯😭. I thought I was gonna poke my eyeballs out when they called us the morning after they reopened, after the first quarantine, to say another child had tested positive! Nobody had any concerning symptoms, thank goodness. But a positive test result meant about 20 families had to stay at home for another 10 days and the main part of the nursery had to be closed. Crazy times.

The build up of work and life admin is out of control, but we're surviving and it's actually been really special having all this time with the littles. When I get a chance to glance at the piles of paperwork and scroll past the reams of bold unread emails I have to laugh. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What are your survival techniques? I keep making the mistake of staying up too late to catch up on a bit of me time, and then wishing I hadn't when the morning starts again at 5am!

But now nursery is open again I feel FREE! The to do list is totally unmanageable but I have never felt more grateful for the existence of childcare.

I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is for parents with kids aged 4 and above. Homeschooling with both parents working full time, while it's freezing cold outside, making it even harder to take a break. It's basically permanent quarantine in a sandwich of extreme stress and cold. How are you coping?!

These adorable leglets belong to Em Cave's baby boy Fen, who is growing up so fast and happens to look unbelievably cute in little mini man braces! 🕺

Check out the Insta page @Em_Body_Love for some amazing inspiration on how to take care of yourself. She's a much needed beacon of positivity in the midst of the madness.


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