When setting up Bambooties I wanted to be as transparent as possible.

On starting to calculate and write down the costs, I checked to see what other businesses had done. I realised I don't know of any other businesses that have outlined the true cost of their products. I'm not sure why this is, but it feels like the right thing to do. So here goes...

For every £20 pair of Bambooties sold:

 • £5 goes to the seamstresses in India.
 • £5 goes towards paying back the initial £25,000 set up costs of the design process.
• £3 pays for the sourcing of the reclaimed cotton (frustratingly, it's actually more expensive to buy reclaimed fabric than new fabric!),
• £3.20 pays for a small parcel to be sent by Royal Mail second class post (unfortunately we are so used to Amazon now, that most shoppers get put off by an additional postage cost).
• £2 pays for the website running costs and transaction fees.
• £1 pays for the packaging.
• The remaining 80p is "profit", of which 10% goes to ActionAid and the rest gets reinvested back into the business.


I don't yet pay myself for the time I put into the business. Any stalls, marketing or research costs come out of my own back pocket. In time, once the initial set up costs have been paid back, I hope to be able to start paying myself and look forward to donating more to ActionAid. 


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