Vintage Baby Gifts

Do you love Audrey Hepburn, spin-dial phones and poodle skirts? Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong generation? Your baby’s first word might not have been ‘upcycle’ but that doesn’t mean they won’t grow up to yearn for the simple style and whimsy of the past. Following is a selection of traditional baby gifts which will allow them to explore their burgeoning passion for retro and might give them a hand with learning to speak in full sentences. Starting with the cheapest we’ll finish with specially selected designer baby gifts, ranging from toys and clothes to vintage style gifts for the home.



vintage baby gifts 1

Admittedly this roly-poly submarine leaves a lot to be desired as a method of deep-sea locomotion: It reels at the slightest prod, emitting a tinkling noise that will utterly disrupt the calm of the sea floor. Not only that, but several of the sea creatures seem to have taken up residence on the inside! However, what it lacks in nautical prowess it makes up for as an attractive, well-made toy which will encourage your toddler’s development.



vintage baby gifts 2

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you know what was? A tower of wooden blocks! These peter rabbit blocks will assist your toddler with learning their numbers and letters whilst having a chance to admire the beautiful illustrations from the Beatrix Potter stories. This is a great unisex baby gift!



vintage baby gifts 3

Look how fuzzy he is! This honey-coloured bear is a tastefully embroidered UK baby gift incarnation of AA Milne’s classic character. Due to the recent Ewan McGregor film, Winnie the Pooh uk baby gifts are all the rage. But don’t worry! Unlike in the film, you won’t suddenly discover that this bear has an inexplicable American accent.


4. EDWARD BOOTS - £42.00

 vintage baby gifts 4

Aren’t these stylish? I know these would encourage me to learn to walk; some shoes require a bigger audience than just mum and dad! If you’re on the market for handmade UK baby gifts these might be ideal as they’re handmade in Italy! Well, we all know what they say about Italian shoes.


5. HOBBY HORSE - £45.00

vintage baby gift 5

Is your child asking for a pony? Give them this gift for horsey mums instead. Either they won’t notice the difference between this and a real horse, or you can be proud that they’re beginning to grasp the concept of animate vs inanimate objects. His cute, tufty hair and multi-coloured bridle will help inspire your child’s imagination!



vintage baby gift 6

If you’re a Londoner you’re probably at least a little bitter about the banishment of the routemaster bus. Now this hand-painted beauty can be reintroduced to your living room, if not your roads. Step over Sadiq Kahn! There’s a two year old mayor in this house, and she’s revamping the transport system! If you’re a fan of ethical UK baby gifts this might be for you: it’s made from sustainable wood in fair trade factories!



vintage baby gifts 8

This is a genuinely beautiful mobile, the planes will arc gracefully along their trajectories and your child will feel as though they’re lying on the 1930s Oxfordshire hills watching an air-show. Perfect if you’re looking for geeky UK baby gifts, this is the kind of present to instil a lifelong love of engines.



vintage baby gift 8

Is your toddler not sure what to wear to the jazz club next Friday? Is their strapless gold lamé still at the cleaners? If so, why not splash out on this soft, cornflower blue vintage baby dress?



vintage baby gift 9

This fantastical night light will turn your child’s bedroom into a scene from one of the less disturbing Tim Burton films. It will light up your child’s heart as well as their room, but don’t worry, it’s ceramic so it won’t be hot to the touch! This is a perfect quirky baby gift to engage your child’s storytelling abilities.


10. CLASSIC TRICYCLE - £100.00

vintage baby gifts 10

You’ve heard of a mid-life crisis, you’ve heard of a quarter-life crisis, but have you ever heard of a fortieth-life crisis? Does your toddler want a flashy new ride to impress all his colleagues at nursery? If so this cool UK baby gift may be exactly what you’re looking for! A speedy pea-green machine at your disposal!


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