What sizes are available?

We have three sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months. The Cream Winter Booties are only available in the 0-6 months size.

Why are the booties so expensive?

When comparing the price of Bambooties with the price of other baby booties, it is easy to see why £20 seems expensive.

It’s just me running this company. I’m a one woman band with a 2 year old daughter and a 6 month old son. I'm trying my best to do things the right way. And, sadly, it turns out that doing things the right way is more expensive.

Bambooties are made by a team of amazing women in India who are paid properly and enjoy their work. The fabrics we use are 100% sustainably sourced cotton and our packaging is minimal and made of recycled materials.

We also give all the proceeds made from selling the booties back to women in need, via a charity called ActionAid. So each time you buy a pair of Bambooties, we can provide a care package to a mother and her baby who have had to leave home with nothing. This gift can help that mother and her baby to make their first steps towards freedom.

Retail is such a tough industry. There are so many companies who use underpaid or underaged workers. They often use poor quality fabrics, sourced from unethical suppliers, so they can undercut their competitors and offer a cheaper product. Bambooties is not one of those companies. 

I’m taking every day as it comes and using Bambooties as a tool to empower women in need to get the freedom they deserve. I hope the booties can help to create awareness around the hidden problems in retail, while offering a product people can feel good about buying.

With the seamstresses I work with and the women we support via ActionAid, we've created a circular community of women supporting women. Buying a pair of Bambooties doesn't just mean you've bought a gift for a special baby in your life, it means you've offered a helping hand to women in need and you've become part of our circular community. 

Where are Bambooties made?

We wanted to find a manufacturer that was treating it's employees well and using only ethically sourced fabrics.

After months of emails, calls and video tours with multiple companies, we were delighted to find the perfect manufacturer in Delhi, India. They are specialists in hand made baby clothing. They're a small team of ten. We haven't yet met in person, but we were introduced by a friend who lives in Delhi and knows them well. We spoke at length and had a video tour around their creative studio. Their sewing machines are shiny, they have good working conditions and they all get paid properly. They use only 100% cotton, which is ethically sourced from a local fabric manufacturer in Noida.

So, every time you buy a pair of Bambooties, you can feel proud that you're helping a group of talented people to continue doing work they enjoy.

When will my Bambooties be delivered?

If you live in the UK, your order will arrive within 3 working days of the order date if sent by Royal Mail signed for, or within a week if sent by standard post. If you live anywhere else in the EU, your order should arrive within two weeks of the order date. If you live outside of the EU, you may need to be more patient as we're relying on postal services which are outside of our control. But you should receive your order within a month.

How much is delivery?

Within the UK standard second class delivery costs £3.10 and signed for costs £3.95. Anywhere else within the EU, you have the choice of standard shipping at £4.95 or signed for at £9.95. Standard shipping to anywhere outside the EU is £15.95. 

What do I do if my booties do not arrive?

If you sent your order by signed for post and it doesn't arrive, we can either give you a refund or send you a new pair. If you sent your order by standard shipping, we're afraid we cannot guarantee delivery or take responsibility if the parcel gets lost.

Can I return the booties?

We can only accept returns if the booties are faulty. If you receive a faulty pair of booties, please email us using the contact page

Where can I find you on social?

Insta: @babybambooties

Twitter: @babybambooties

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babybambooties/

Any other questions?

Please email us using the contact page.