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OUT OF STOCK - NEW BOOTIES COMING SOON Thank you SO MUCH for all your lovely messages asking when the new booties will be up on the website. At this stage, I'm sorry to say that we can't predict when they'll be available to buy. A group of wonderful seamstresses I'm now working with in China have been working hard to get all the fabrics in place. They've been making samples to test the fabrics in different sizes. But, just as the final designs were coming together, they were hit by a stampede of uncontrollable events. First, there was a shortage of virgin wool, then they experienced hurricanes and floods, then the Delta variant was spreading through China, causing the closure of their maker studios, and now they are catching up with the backlog. Unfortunately, as we are a small retailer, we are last in the queue so everything is on hold. I will let you know as soon as we have any more news. Life is full of surprises at the moment. We won't stop trying, as we're so nearly there. And the seamstresses are really grateful for the work, as well as of course our patience and compassion. So thank you all! Until we have the new stock, the website will be closed. Stay with us. Looking forward to showing you the new designs :) Lucy

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