Navy Denim Stay-on Booties

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The perfect gift for new parents - no more lost socks!

Wriggle-proof baby booties in three different sizes: 0-6 months, 4-9 months and 9-16 months. More sizes and designs coming in July.

Sizing explained

0-6 months fits a foot length of up to 9.5cm. The equivalent is an infant UK size 2 or EU size 17.

4-12 months fits a foot length of up to 10.5cm. The equivalent is an infant UK size 3.5 or EU size 18.

9-16 months fits a foot length of up to 11.5cm. The equivalent is an infant UK size 4.5 or EU size 20.

100% cotton

Breathable double fabric layer. Grey cotton velour on the inside and navy denim on the outside. Perfect for keeping socks firmly on and those tiny toes covered.

Rubber non-slip grippers on the bottom for learning to crawl, stand and walk.

Stay on technology

Signature design. Elastic round the ankle and then two velcro straps closing round the leg to make them extra secure. Great for keeping socks on wriggly toes, especially when going on walks with the babe in the sling. 

Baby tested

Tested with multiple babies. Stay on when wriggling, tugging, crawling and sleeping.

Machine washable

Machine washable at 30 degrees. We advise leaving them out to dry instead of tumble drying.


Made from offcuts and reclaimed fabric. So when you choose to buy a pair of Bambooties, over another product, you’re protecting the planet by reducing fabric waste. You’re also avoiding contributing to global demand to grow more cotton, which helps to reduce water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and the spraying of pesticides. Whatsmore, there are plenty of hazardous by-products created during fabric production and dying, so you’re avoiding all those too!

Zero waste packaging

We try to keep our packaging to a minimum. But the packaging we do use is recycled and recyclable. We use recycled tissue paper, cardboard and brown paper wrapping. And our stickers are biodegradable too!

Positive impact

Having a positive impact on society is important to us. Every pair of booties is hand made by a well-paid small team of seamstresses in Delhi, India. Each pair you buy helps provide the seamstresses with work they enjoy, which in turn helps them to support their families.

Charitable giving

10% of our profits go to charity! When you buy Bambooties we donate care packages to vulnerable new mums. We do this by donating to a charity called ActionAid. ActionAid provide disadvantaged women and girls with the most important necessities in life. They empower them with the information and resources they need to create the future they want.